Monday, December 7, 2009

Hotel Near Cincinnati Inc., in Harrison Ohio

Cincinnati Inc., Retools

One of the businesses near our Cincinnati Ohio Hotel the Holiday Inn Express West is Cincinnati INC. They are a long standing manufacturing business in Harrison Ohio. They have been in their industry for over 111 years. They have also been know as Cincinnati Shaper Company. he companies products include Mechanical Shears, Hydraulic Shears, SE Shears, Press Breaks and other large manufacturing machines including lasers, and Break Presses that form metal.

According to the CincyBizblog they are doing a major re-tooling of their facility. The article states that the reason is to improve product delivery to their customers.

So if you a looking for hotel in Harrison Ohio, check out our hotel in Cincinnati the award winning Holiday in Express Cincinnati west.

Holiday Inn Express - Cincinnati, Ohio (OH)
5505 Rybolt Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45248
Toll Free: 1-800-543-3018 Phone: 513-574-6000 Fax: 513-574-6566

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