Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cincinnati Ohio Hotel Rates for F&M Mafco, Inc

Our Award winning Cincinnati Ohio Hotel Holiday Inn Express West offers corporate rates for F&M Mafco, Inc.. F&M Mafco, Inc. services heavy machinery and sells equipment to plants and job sites including Cranes. F&M Mafco has branches across the United States, as well as one located just minutes from our hotel. Their corporate headquarters is located at 9149 Dry Fork Road in Cincinnati, Ohio.

F&M Mafco
was founded in 1945, and has established it's corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, while it expands across the United States.

We offer a corporate rate for F&M Mafco employees, please call our award winning Cincinnati Ohio Holiday Inn Express, Cincinnati West for our special rate.

Holiday Inn Express - Cincinnati, Ohio (OH)
5505 Rybolt Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45248
Toll Free: 1-800-543-3018 Phone: 513-574-6000 Fax: 513-574-6566

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